An italian roots global music group based in Budapest, HU.
THIRTY5 sets new standard on the music scene and lifestyle operating with its web design agency, radio show and artists management dpt.

"Feel free to contact us and ask more about our philosophy and our manifesto, you and your talent come first"
(Alberto Ferrari - Managing Director)

STUDIO SQUAD: Gabriele Giudici, Matteo Bruno
STUDIO SQUAD: Andrea Russo, Giacomo Forcellini
STUDIO SQUAD: Michael J. Matthews, Girolamo Pinello
• RECORDING: Vocals & Instruments, Processing, Mix and Mastering
• MIXING: Expanded Sessions Mix, Stem Mix
• MASTERING: Stem Mastering, Stereo Mastering
• ADDITIONAL: Co-Work, Instrumental Sale, Live Beat Sale, Arrangement Correction, Add Prod, Training Room Rent, Private Workshop